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  • Oh my God, that's actually hilarious and awesome all at the same time. :lol: It had never occurred to me that you might have a Facebook page haha good to know so I can keep up with your releases!

    And no, I've heard a lot about it (mostly from you, I think? :lol:) but I haven't seen anything in a while, as I'm very time constrained these days... in fact, I'm procrastinating right now, and I should really get back to work now. I've only been slowly watching Duarara!!x2 over the last couple of months, and I catch up with DB Super every few weeks, but that's about it. I did somehow manage to cram in Mob Psycho 100 though... hopefully I'll have time some time to cram everything else in. :lol:
    It's not fair. Her voice is so huge and monstrous for such a petite frame. Also, without even knowing it, I was REALLY in the mood for that song. It sounds so dark and elegant. The more I think about it, the more I believe that most of Kalafina's music is heavier than most metal out there. I feel like Magia, in its own way, is one of the most crushing songs I know. Jeez. Props to Mrs. Kajiura for this, and her talented singers.

    It takes real effort to control myself when you send me Kalafina stuff, because I feel like bursting out from the inside from how cute and talented they are. :lol: It's also good that you're not letting it die down for me, as has happened with many a thing I've loved in the past. :lol: I just kinda forget about things.
    A voice deep, clear, blissful enough to summon the likes of Cthulu. Seriously though, it's crazy how she's been able to develop such a low voice. Though honestly speaking, that wasn't my favorite song. :lol: I did quite enjoy that little throaty breath they take. I'm sure it has name as a singing technique, but I have no idea what it's called. Gave the song some much needed character, I think. :lol:

    Also, the old man reminds me of Geppetto. I'm sure he's a popular artist, but omg. Dude's got some style, too.
    Oh my God.
    Well, I did get offered the possibility to get a badge for Winter NAMM next year, so... :idea:
    I doubt it'll happen, honestly, as I will have already begun the school semester then, but if by some miracle I do happen to go, I now know that I will be arriving to LA a few days early. :lol:
    *Slowly melts and becomes joy-filled mochi*


    I will need to make space for this. :wub: I can't read Chinese characters, but I'm assuming it's their latest? Thanks a lot JP!
    Hey dude! I remember you for sure! Glad that post caught your attention, haha. Wow, apparently you're quite the active member here too :D
    Also, omg that picture of the Kalafina girls wearing Disney character caps! :eek: I'm this close to making it my phone's background picture. :lol:
    Okay so I have NO idea how I missed your last comment man!

    I heard a few samples of your album on the Play Store already, and it sounds great! I'm picking this up right away and giving it a spin. :D Hope it's good study music! I have lots of that coming up, with finals and all. :lol:

    I'll let you know what I think of it once I'm done with it. ;)

    EDIT: just came back to let you know that the main riff in As the Wanderer Follows the Light... fucken' yum. :yum: Definitely learning that one at some point!
    Jesus Christ, that was intense. I saw pictures and videos of the gig in Mexico on their Facebook page... I am so jealous. :lol: My one dream is that they bring them to a con near me next year, or that they come to Montreal on their own. That day, my life would halt completely.
    Oh, also, I began to re-watch Madoka Magica since I convinced a friend of mine to watch it recently, and oh my god you have to watch it. I swear that show has some of THE most perfectly fitting music ever, not to mention that the music is incredible on its own. Kajiura's OST for that show is as fitting as Kanno's music was for Cowboy Bebop.
    Haha that was very much me every 5 minutes throughout my whole Kalafina craze right before exams. That little nagging voice in my head did not approve of my Kalafina love! And thanks man, I appreciate the thought! And same to you, I hope you're enjoying your holidays!
    Hahaha man, I just want to be done with exams so I can begin cramming some Yuki Kajiura :lol: You'll be first to know once I've listened to it!

    Also, Moonfesta was one of the nicest surprises for me in that DVD. Loved the song and the performance; it was a breath of fresh air.
    Also, just out of curiosity, do you recommend that I listen to their separate albums/singles in any specific order, or does anything go? I'm only asking because, so far, I've only heard compilations, or just single, loose songs, and not a whole album. I couldn't tell you which one is my favorite album.
    Haha thanks! My avatars tend to follow what I'm obsessing with at that specific point in time, and this is it for me at the moment. :lol:

    Agreed on Maya. It was until the last time that I watched the Kara no Kyoukai movies that I noticed that there were more than 3 voices at times, and ARIA is a perfect example. I never really understood what it was about their sound that captivated me so much, but upon watching that DVD and really paying attention to who does what, it became apparent that it is just how beautifully harmonized their voices are. It's also kind of scary how good they are live. All of them. Wakana I find to be the best technically, but Keiko's deep voice is lovely, and Hikaru's distinct timber makes her pop a lot.

    I can see a lot of Yuki Kajiura in my future, and I can't wait for this semester to finish so I can indulge. :lol:
    Whoa, so those were some of the best 5 hours I've spent in a while! I had a long essay to write over the weekend, so all I've been doing today is writing on the left side of my screen while watching Blue and Red on the right side of the screen. :lol: Those three got to me so bad. :wub: Wakana's voice is just... I mean... holy crap. :eek: And the live band totally kills it; I loved the flutist! And all of them, really, but the flutist stood out, as well the pianist/keyboardist. I'm seriously considering ordering their DVDs soon, depending on what my financial situation allows.

    And you're telling me that there's a Kajiura-Revo collab? :eek: I might just have to set a day aside to listen and let it sink in. :lol:

    Jeez, thanks for pointing these out for me. You couldn't have caught me at a better time with these things, as I've been really feeling those Kalafina vibes recently. Between them and Aimer, they're about half of everything I've been listening to the last week or so.
    I actually have not; I didn't even know it was a thing! Researching a little bit online, this seems like the Pokemon approach to Kalafina's music? :lol: I'm searching for the DVDs online, but they're hard to find. I love their live performances; they're some of the very few singers I've ever seen that sound better on stage than in studio. :lol:

    EDIT: woops, nevermind, I just found somewhere to watch it.
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