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  • Oh damn! :eek:

    I've never even played first ed... Not sure I want to :lol: I really need disposable income so I can get me some ForgeWorld models...
    That's crazy... I remember just walking past a GW one day and stopping to look at the figures. Cos my dad and grandfather used to be big into the whole hobby thing (albeit with trains and military vehicles), dad got me the fantasy starter box with Lizardmen and Bretonnians :metal::lol:

    From then on I was hooked.
    Holy fuck, how the hell did you even manage to start with Rogue Trader? :eek: I mean shit, you're only a few years older than me anyway (4...)... I mean, I started kind of late, by which I mean 11, but damn...

    5th Edition is awesome fun to play :metal:
    Well, I have the codex (and at some point in the future will probably start an army... after my Imperial Guard/Witch Hunters apocalypse army, Eldar warhost and Tyranid horde... :ugh:), and the models aren't too expensive either compared to previous editions.

    I never got to see the 3rd edition DA codex, I started collecting around the middle of 3rd IIRC :scratch: But I started with Eldar, then got the Tyranids codex that was released near the end of 3rd edition, then Tau when 4th edition was just getting started etc.. (i now have 15 various codexes/army books/rulebooks). The only thing they've changed so far that I'm really not a fan of is the HQ choices. The days of picking from a huge wargear section/armoury are gone, instead they have a list of comparatively limited options in the army list... It's a touch sad, but thankfully they've kept enough options there to keep it reasonable. Hell, it may even be as much as before, but it just doesn't seem it.
    :lol: Yes indeed. And gigantic gatherings of The Nerd... So Dark Angels, huh? They seem to be doing well this edition :lol:
    Indeed, dude. I got big into Dark Angels just because I started playing 40k right around the time that Apocalypse came out. so I was looking to build up point values fast and cheap. Since you get to use Terminators as a troop choice, they made that kinda easy. :lol:

    What kinda setup were you running?

    Oh, and yeah, their storyline is baaaaaad ass.
    Hey Emperoff, encantado de tenerte como amigo, te había visto en guitarramania y veo que por aquí posteas bastante.

    Un saludo.
    I. Don't even....Know dude, I'll chuck you some pos. rep man. Sweet shirt by the way ^ ^ ^

    Im Probably bi-polar or some shit :lol:
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