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  • Haha buddy i've been following the puma/rusti thread and got to the part where you posted your paper. I clicked your name and god damn you're prolific! Always enjoy the threads your in man. you on Instagram? I'm hardly here but pop in every now and then
    Hey Narad, just wanted to let you know that the Timbre study page appears to have an issue. It keeps prompting to select where I heard about it from, but won't accept any of the options in the drop down.
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    Thanks for letting me know! I think the student was updating it last night with an improved method for sampling relevant pairs of clips and somehow caused it. He says he has fixed the issue.
    hey man i saw you liked my ENGL post. Are you perhaps interested?
    Well I can recognize a super good deal. I have an SE already (EL34) that I got for about your price now for both head and cab, and your amp is in nicer condition. It's just that I'm unfortunately too far away to take the cab and the head would be pretty redundant for me.
    You have any basses you're willing to part with? :)
    I do have a cool bass amp? :) But just two basses, and only received one earlier in the week.
    That's me. Haha! Man i was checking the thread during break and thought it was you when I checked your profile and saw the J Custom in your profile. You did mention it. Also saw your location as London so I thought it might be!
    Hey man, I just happened to read that you went to Shibuya today on the Astral thread. Did you, by any chance, pass by MusicLand Key, and did you by any chance talk to an english speaking salesman named Rey?
    alright! yeah i get you. i've got a few N(x)D waiting since Christmas so i'm not one to talk :lol: good luck on your thesis, and congrats again
    Well, do take the chair with you. Not only does it make you more profitable, but it also makes for a very attractive background for your guitar pictures. Hopefully the move works out this time around; I know what that's like. I always said that I'd be leaving for Canada in a month. It took me two years to finally come haha. Good luck, man!
    You sure move a lot, eh? Are you getting rid of your chair? I'm having as much fun with the Herman Miller online builder as I have with Carvin's. I'd love a Mirra 2 in capuccino to go with my guitar. :yum: I really dig their design, but how comfortable/convenient are they? They sure carry a juicy price with them.
    Hey man, could i enquire where you got your top for your strandberg? Ola sent me a few links, but honestly, non of them have the kind of quilt that your has, the very tubular "prs" kind of quilt top. Thank you!
    Jesus, I knew floating tremolos in general were costly, but didn't know they could go for THAT much. I've never had a custom done where I had to buy/supply the bridge separately, so I really wasn't aware of the pricing. I'm looking forward to trying some of the new Ibby models with the Lo-Pro Edge; hopefully someone will stock them here in Montreal, if they haven't already. Now you've got me even more curious about that bridge haha.
    Haha no shame in that; that LACS is also one of my favorite guitars ever. So it's not a full Broderick copy, then. The Broderick LACS has a ZR tremolo, no? I quite like the ones that I've tried; very comfy and I loved the tuning stability, but I've never owned one, so I don't know how it works in the long run. I've never tried the Lo-Pro, but it sure gets a lot of very nice comments.
    Looks lovely! That's really cool that it ended up on the luthiery section. Going for that Broderick-ish look with the trans-white and black binding, eh? ;) It suits the Cimmerian body shape very well. I'll be looking forward to that NGD!
    Hah, just read on the ViK thread you had a Daemoness on the way; I had no idea about that. Has Dylan posted it on the Daemoness Facebook page, by any chance? I'd be curious to see it, if it's possible!
    Oh an Yggdrasil inlay, that's a good idea! Wish I thought of it. Someday I think I'll have a custom Daemoness made to be themed after Cernunnos from celtic mythology. But not one of the depictions with his penis showing, although that would make for quite an eye catching inlay. :lol:
    who did the inlay design for ur Daemoness? i have an idea i want done but SUCK at that kinda art. I wany Yggdrasil as an inlay, in the same style as your Jormungandr
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