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  • that is one sexy guitar in your pic :eek:
    got myself some tyger pups as well, installing tomorrow!
    hehe.. slovakian guitar + slovakian amp, made by my friend (JTamps pic posted few posts earlier - with MesaDR and Iby SZ) :)
    Hey, read the post I wrote to justin here :) there is only one difference, the pickups were changed for BKP PK(b)/VHII(n)
    yes, that's right..as you can see, the necks on the both guitars are made from the same wood combination...both guitars were started at the same time, but mine is 2 months older :) K-Roll had to wait for some hw or wood, I think..both have wax finish and both are great instruments ;)
    Like Justin, I also happened to be curious about that guitar of yours :lol:. Really beautiful! I will check the other pics later on (FB is blocked here at work).

    edit: btw, just noticed that the other Slovakian guitar - an awesome 7-stringed wenge beauty which is running or has run for a GOTM recently - was made by the same luthier. Very talented dude, it seems =)
    you can find some more pics here
    Keller guitars's Photos - 6string exotic | Facebook
    Hello, yes, it's custom guitar based on PRS specs and design built by our local luthier here in Slovakia, Igor Keller. But, it's not the exact copy. There are some similarities (like body and headstock shape, scale length, body back wood) but also there are some differences in details (slightly different carving of the top, woods, neck shape, used HW, finish).

    specs are:
    little bit thicker mahogany body with European walnut top, 5pc rosewood neck laminated with ebony, ebony fretboard
    medium fat C-shaped neck with 24 medium frets and 25" scale length, carbon truss rod reinforcements
    schaller hannes bridge
    hipshot locking tuners with ebony buttons
    SD SH4/SH2 pickups, but I want to try EMG 89X/89XR set in the guitar
    1x volume pot with rosewood knob, 3 way toggle switch (bridge HB / both pickups with split coils / neck HB), rosewood covers on the electronics cavities
    no truss rod cover, but there is sexy, tiny hole on the headstock
    wax finish
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