john browne

  1. Emperor Guillotine

    WTB Reaper Pedals John Browne Signature Pandemonium (V1)

    DESCRIPTION: I'm looking to track down one of the old V1 John Browne signature overdrive pedals from Reaper Pedals. Standard model or limited, plexi-topped edition. I actually had one (pictured below) years ago; however, I sold it when I was going through a phase of having to sell off all of...
  2. BlueTrident

    Schecter John Browne signature?

    I came across this video from John Browne’s Riffhard channel where they recently posted a playthrough video. Only the thing is, he’s not playing his Mayones signature but a Schecter that looks a lot like his Duvell signature… Looks like Schecter is swinging hard in the prog genre…
  3. HexaneLake

    John Browne's Injury?

    Hey all, I know this is private information regarding the personal life of right-hand legend John Browne, but does anyone know anything about his neck injury? Vehicle related whiplash? Or slipped disc or something from career of headbanging? I suffer from a similar injury, pretty severe nerve...
  4. S

    Mayones Duvell Qatsi 7 Ajna Burst

    So I went to Music Store Cologne with the intent of getting a high end instrument and I can already say that I indeed reached that goal. From all the Mayones guitars they had down there, the Duvells stood out to me as they combined insane playability, super dynamic pickup response and tonal...
  5. G

    Downpicking technique (Doxa by Monuments)

    Hey, I've been learning doxa by monuments for quite a while now and have just got it up to full speed but I'm worried my downpicking technique isn't quite right. I've been using my wrist but in really fast sections I still feel lots of tension across my entire right arm and I can feel myself...
  6. Nautilus

    John Browne's (kinda) NGD!

    So, this is Browne's NGD (kinda). It's a loaner we've finished building for him, and we're really excited to get this in his hands. So was John. John's guitar cabinate has been REALLY empty recently. The guy's been struggling for work and is still in the process of recording vocals for the...
  7. Prydogga

    MONUMENTs 'Memoirs' Music Video! Not sure if this is a leak or what, but the password is 'healthy' :hbang: Now on Youtube! Darn, doesn't embed after an edit. Look further down.
  8. Daemon

    The Nocturnal Chaos - Ex Nihilo (French Djent, approved by J.Browne from Monuments)

    Hi ! The Nocturnal Chaos - Ex Nihilo on Soundcloud This is " Ex Nihilo ", a track released for the English Djentlemens Quarters, and this track will be available on our free EP this summer !! We are a recent French band, and we just want to share our music \;;/ We have made listen...
  9. Daemon

    The Nocturnal Chaos - Ex Nihilo (French Djent, approved by J.Browne from Monuments)

    Hi ! <object height="81" width="100%"> <param name="movie" value=";show_comments=true&amp;auto_play=true&amp;color=25658d"></param> <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param>...