Mayones Duvell Qatsi 7 Ajna Burst


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Feb 28, 2013
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Bielefeld, Germany
So I went to Music Store Cologne with the intent of getting a high end instrument and I can already say that I indeed reached that goal.
From all the Mayones guitars they had down there, the Duvells stood out to me as they combined insane playability, super dynamic pickup response and tonal versatility. I was never hesitating for this short when thinking about buying a signature model. I´m gonna go into the nerdy details about the awesomeness of this instrument soon but first of all, have the specs:

  • Number of Strings: 7
  • Top: Quilted Maple 3A top
  • Body: Profiled American Ash T.E.W. (Tonally Enhanced Wood)
  • Construction: Bolt - on
  • Neck: 5-ply / Wenge-Bubinga
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Fingerboard Radius: 16" (406 mm)
  • Frets: 24 extra jumbo Ferd Wagner Stainless Steel 2.80 x 1.45 mm (w x h)
  • Markers & inlays: Plain, no markers + side dots
  • Luminlay side dots - Super Blue 2 mm
  • Tuners: Hipshot Grip-Lock Locking Tuners
  • Bridge: Schaller Hannes
  • Pickups / Electronics: H-H / Bare Knuckle Nailbomb (Bridge) + Cold Sweat (Neck) / Black
  • Control: 1x Volume (push-pull for coil splitting), 3-way lever switch
  • Knobs: Mayones Custom Knobs / Monuments Wenge Dome
  • Body finish (front): Ajna Burst (Trans Jeans Black 3Tone Purple Burst Matt)
  • Body finish (back): Transparent Natural Matt (T-NAT-M)
  • Neck finish: Transparent Natural Matt (T-NAT-M)
  • Headstock finish: Monolith Black / Matt finish (M-BLK-M)
  • Hardware colour: BLK (black)
  • Graph Tech nut
  • Switchcraft jack
  • Schaller Security Straplocks
  • Hardcase included
  • Duvell QATSI Custom Truss Rod Cover
  • John Browne Signature Electronics Cavity Cover
For context: before getting this guitar I was a complete Ibanez guy. I own three 7 string prestiges with super fast necks and BKPs installed. For a long time I thought that paying more than two grand for a guitar will only get you the last 5% in quality and that I should just cherish the awesome axes I got instead of mindlessly shooting for the stars. But man have I been wrong.
Compared to the Qatsi, my Ibbies feel like literal Harley Bentons. No exeggeration.

The neck wood and finish enable me to do fast fingering switches without getting stuck, no matter how sweaty my thumb is. (Common problem with RGD prestiges)

The Fretboard feels like nothing. Thanks to the music store professional team, I got a perfect setup for my tuning and gauges (Drop Ab, 74-11). The action is superb. I was never able to create notes with this little movement. Funnily enough, this guitar inspires my picking hand to do the opposite:

The BKP Nailbomb pickup doesn´t exactly have low output but it is almost impossible to make it oversaturate with known amps. I can play every higain amp in my Axe Fx II at 10.00 gain and it still sounds well defined and not even THAT driven.

The composition of this guitar also enables it to bear the most brutal of beatings. I can strum with full force and the strings won´t even go completely out of tune as you would expect.

Also, every note sounds FULL. On my other guitars, notes and chords that are played upwards of the fifth fret lose some sustain and clarity. Not with this axe. Every note sounds full and articulates as it should.

With three pickup positions and a coil tap, this guitar can go to many sounds and every setting has a purpose and sounds vastly different from the other. Bare Knuckle, originally being a company for old school pickups, completely hit the nail on the head with the bluesy and funky sound of this guitar when coil tap or middle position is engaged.

Now that I own this guitar for a few months I can say that I would´ve spent the 3,8k for the tone alone. I would´ve never been able to create this cool sounds with my other axes and the fact that it´s the most playable guitar I´ve ever played only adds to its value. The guys at Mayones are wizards for creating guitars that are this far above high end-average. A true world class instrument.

If you wanna hear and see this beauty in action you can check out my band´s latest music video right here:

I used the Euro Uber block in the Axe Fx II for rhythm and lead tones and I constantly switched between Humbucker and Single coil bridge PU for different flavours in the rhythm guitars. All guitars in this song have been made with the Qatsi.

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Dec 18, 2019
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Madrid, Spain
I had the same feeling with my skervesen, I was an ibanez fanboy and they are good for the price, yes! But when you reach this level of craftmanship you realize this is in another league...

Btw, Love the song and the video!!


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Nov 10, 2015
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Congratz on you new mayo, I was also an Ibanez guy but I had a dream of getting my own Mayones guitar. I don't think they are the best bang for the buck at that price range but I definitely feel amazing after fulfilling a 10 year dream of owning this piece of art. They are truly amazing instruments, the TEW body must be even more resonat and light compared to my standard Duvell Elite, which is not heavy but not light either.

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