The Nocturnal Chaos - Ex Nihilo (French Djent, approved by J.Browne from Monuments)


The Nocturnal Chaos
Apr 19, 2009
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Clermont-Ferrand, France
Hi !

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This is " Ex Nihilo ", a track released for the English Djentlemens Quarters, and this track will be available on our free EP this summer !!
We are a recent French band, and we just want to share our music \;;/

We have made listen to this song to John Browne from Monuments, and we are very proud that he appreciated it :bowdown:

Gear used for recording :
- Line6 Toneport Ux2
- Shure SM57
- Reaper
- Superior Drummer 2.0
- Custom Bass
- ESP ltd deluxe M1000 with Bare Knuckles Aftermath
- ENGL Powerball
- ENGL 2x12 V30's cab
- Altec Lansing monitors /subwoofer ( shitty xD)

We hope that you'll like it, and PLEASE, we really NEED YOUR SUPPORT, so this is our Facebook page :
The Nocturnal Chaos on Facebook

That's all, thanks a lot for listening us,

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