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  • Just wondering; have you ever tried a G-flex cab?
    I'm thinking about going the ported 1x12 or 2x12 route and either going for a Mesa Thiele, Randall RD112, RG212 w/ speaker swap, RD212, or the G-Flex. Would love to get your opinions.
    Thanks man, that helped a lot. I nearly went for a Recto 2x12 but since I'm not gigging I feel like that's overkill :) I've settled on an Orange 1x12 but from what you said, I'll be saving towards the Recto cab for when I get into another gigging band.

    Hey man, I just ordered a Mark IV head and I'm looking for a cab. I posted in a thread asking about cab suggestions and Sleazy_D mentioned that you own/have owned both a Recto 2x12 and a Thiele 1x12. Those are what I'm looking at atm. How would you compare them?

    It's all good, man. You actually did respond. It was just through PM, haha. Thanks though! I've been looking into the Aspire products, but I already got a Protank Mini and an Aerotank (well, a Protank II with an Aero base), so I'm pretty set for now. I do have plans to try out much more stuff, I've just gotta save up a bit first, haha.
    Hey man. Which ecig did you ultimately end up going with (that you're satisfied with)? Or for that matter, which ones did you get that you weren't satisfied with?
    Thanks, man, the guy was right, my comment was too biased and it provided not an objective point of view of the matter. Maybe I'm growing old ;)
    hey buddy you have comment in one of my thread that you have fast track. please help me. i've just bought it. when i use it with guitar rig(via standalone) it work but when i use it as a fx in my daw i doesnt make any sound,i've on the direct monitor too. p.s when i record a track in my daw, i cant hear when i press playback i can hear only when i changed my driver into asio4all from m-audio? please help.
    yup, no reason to believe they're not the real deal, made in USA, sound decent. Any idea if there is a difference between neck & bridge? they both said "B2" so i just installed 'em, couldn't find any different markings. The install was good except for the old pups had the f spaced mount, just needed some smaller screws and new holes
    Great man, i'm glad you like them. Quick install by the way! They're definitely better than the stock ones you had. They're supposedly real dimarzio's just not top of the line. But i'm glad they're filling in for you. They're pretty aggressive pups. I even kept the stock neck pup on my first 7620 and it paired nicely with a bareknuckle aftermath. Enjoy them
    Yeah I was trying to start a good conversation on a serious topic. TBH wasn't sure how long it'd last, but it's still kickin haha.
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